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Hi! I'm Bernd,
a Software guy from Graz, Austria.

I mainly enjoy client-side algorithmic work and did research on Privacy aware Machine Learning
(graphs, anonymization & GDPR...)

About Me

    I grew up in the countryside where it usually snowed till May. As a child, I was an avid skier, skater, climed every tree I could find & one winter I built the Discovery (from Space Odyssey) in my parent's backyard.

    I despised high-school and dropped out in order to become a sci-fi author; Although I did write a novel titled "Arkadia - the youngest dynasty" my publishing career went largely undistinguished.

    At university I started out studying economics, but quickly decided to switch to Software Development, since I had no intention spending the rest of my days counterfeiting statistics to the glory of my bosses.

    After training in C++, Java, and the usual CS subjects for a while, I discovered the emerging power of the browser platform for serious work, its ease of deployment and upgrade cycles, and decided I wanted to build my future on those technologies.

    I realized I needed a theoretical background in science & algorithms to fulfill my dreams, so i joined a research group, wrote some papers & went to some conferences, and now I am in the process of founding my own startup.

    If I haven't put you to sleep already & you're still interested, please check out my formal


With browsers becoming powerful computational VMs around 2010, we saw first impressive examples of what this new platform could achieve - A Linux kernel booting inside a browser, "Famous" 3D-animations in pure CSS & even Javascript convolutional networks...
Years later, these technologies have matured to a point where I believe they could replace server-side or workstation computations completely, and I am striving to bring graph algorithms & recommender engines to the client. Here are some projects i've been working on recently:

Graph extraction from images

GraphiniusJS - in-browser graph library

GraphiniusVIS - 3D graph visualization

Local sphere recommender engine


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